Values Management for success

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Building corporate governance best practices provides tools to effectively create business strategy and improves the ability of the directors to succeed in carrying out in carrying out their supervisory and control tasks

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Development, retention, and management of corporate responsibility promote trust in the organization and in its interactions with its stakeholders. A process of “stakeholder dialogue” that is carried out transparently and reported as required allows for continuous improvement that contributes to corporate success.

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Design and development of an ethical code and its implementation represent a management toolbox that offers direction as to what is appropriate conduct for organizational members.

The code is comprised of organizational values and binding rules of conduct. It serves as a lever for the success of the organization and as a mechanism for risk management

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A strategic plan for sustainable development will contribute to organizational differentiation and competitive advantage. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

A vision to drive a value-based organizational culture

While guiding organizations in the design of their ethical code and accompanying them through the sustainable development process, we offer them a managerial toolbox to define the values and rules of conduct essential to the organization’s success and prosperity in today’s dynamic environment.

In the circumstances of a changing reality, the success of an organization depends, among other things, on the ability of all its components to operate in harmony with the values of sustainability, while utilizing the resources available to it.

Therefore, implementation of the organization’s values and rules for proper conduct help the organization to improve its capabilities and ability to achieve its goals.

Our advantage

Design the ethical code and developing ethics program and its implementation process in Latet-Israeli Humanitarian Aid. Implementing the ethics program in the majority of  the nonprofit food organizations in Israel linked with Latet Read more..

Consulting the implementation of ethics code in ECI.  Developing improvements of corporate responsibility process, its alignment with business strategy and risk management. Improving CSR reporting process which consequenced in achieving Platinum ranking in Maala-ESG rating  Read more..

Dr. Adam participated in the writing team of the Israel Defense Forces IDF’s revised ethical code.  Consulting and developing the revised ethical code implementation process in the IDF Read more..

Dr. Adam and Dr. Dalia Rahman Moore led a groundbreaking empirical study at INTEL: Unveiling a Model for Effective Implementation of an ethical code and the relationship between the implementation of Organizational Ethics and Job Satisfaction at Intel Read more..

Dr. Adam lectures at the Jerusalem Center of Ethics, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, conducts workshops and organizes the seminar on Professionals Ethics in Israel. Read more..

Conducting Compliance Officer and Regulation Workshops on Consumer Instructions for Trustees of the First International Bank  Read more...

Developing the ethics compliance program, and consulting its implementation process for Haifa Municipality. Read more.. 

Developing the ethics program and consulting its implementation process for the Israel Securities Authority Read more..